November and December are great months to encourage people to visit your beauty, health, or wellness business. They’re in a spending frame of mind, they’re interested in looking and feeling their best for family gatherings and office parties, they’re searching for convenient gifts, and they’re trying to cope with extra stress.

The following holiday season marketing tips for salons, studios, and spas help you capitalize on all that. Use them to fill your appointment book, upsell some extra retail products, introduce your clients to new services, and even bring in some new clientele to give your biz a boost in the new year.


Marketing Your Beauty or Wellness Biz for the Holidays


  1. Decorate your salon, studio, or spa for Thanksgiving, and then for Christmas and Hanukkah. Don’t make things too cluttered, and keep it tasteful. Snap some pics of your festive space and share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media sites you use to promote your business.
  1. Offer holiday specials (discounts, a free add-on service or product, etc.) via social media and/or your email mailing list. For example, you can offer deals to help people prepare to see family, or frame it as a holiday gift or a thank you for your loyal clients.
  1. Advertise skincare, hair care, nutritional, or other beauty or wellness products you sell as great gifts for the holidays. Put up a sign near recommended products in your salon, studio, or spa, and also spread the idea via social media and a marketing email or two in the month or so leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah.
  1. Put together a section of smaller retail products in your salon, studio, or spa and advertise them as perfect stocking stuffers.
  1. Offer free gift wrapping, and say so prominently on a sign by your products. You’ll be surprised how much this token offering spurs people into making impulse gift purchases!
  1. Pick up some baskets, tissue paper, cellophane, ribbon, bows, or other decorative items and assemble gift baskets with care products you sell. Don’t forget to show them off through the various marketing channels you use!
  1. Sell discounted gift cards to your existing clients that they can give out as gifts to friends, co-workers, and family. Your clients will appreciate it, and it’s an effective way to bring in new business for the new year!
  1. There are lots of ways to promote your beauty or wellness biz with video, and there’s even more opportunity during the holiday season. For example, make a fun video wishing your clients happy holidays, film or live stream a client’s holiday makeover, or put together clips of your clients sending out holiday greetings. Share your holiday video on your website, on social media, and in email.
  1. Create a little decorated holiday nook in your salon, studio, or spa where clients can take selfies after service (or even before-and-after pics). Encourage them to share it on their social media accounts and to tag you or your business page, or to use a holiday hashtag you come up with.
  1. Host a holiday season toy drive. Ask your clients via social media and email to bring in unopened toy donations for less fortunate children. Choose a reputable local charity or religious institution that has its own holiday toy drive, and let everyone know you’ll be passing along all their contributions to the organization.

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