Today, video is well established as one of the best-performing online content formats on websites, social media, and in email messages and newsletters. Video often gets considerably more click-throughs, views, likes, comments, shares, and backlinks than written content, images, audio clips, and other formats.

If you maintain a website, social media accounts, and/or a mailing list for professional purposes, using video to market your beauty or wellness business is a great idea. And while quality is definitely important, you don’t have to spend money on it; most phones today have good enough video and audio quality.

As such a popular, engaging, informative, and potentially entertaining format, video is an excellent way to reach new and existing clientele, showcasing your personality, skills, products and services, and brand. So, below are some simple, practical ideas for using video to market your beauty or wellness business.


How to Promote Your Salon, Spa, or Studio with Video

  1. Film an “explainer video” that introduces people to you and your brand; show your personality, give some details about your training and experience, talk about your professional approaches and philosophies, and communicate the benefits of going to you
  1. Create videos that demonstrate your products and services; consider offering a favorite client a free appointment in exchange for the right to record and publicize it
  1. Make how-to or troubleshooting videos related to hair styling, skin care, makeup application, pain relief, or other areas related to your business
  1. To help promote a beauty biz to the overlooked male market, share some videos that offer men advice on grooming or other self-care topics
  1. Ask your regular clients to shoot quick testimonial videos you can share with your audience; you’re sure to get more if you offer them a discount or other incentive as a thank you
  1. Use live streaming or Stories features on your social media pages to showcase services or events you host in your salon, spa, studio, or other location
  1. Email personalized thank you videos to new clients and your best clients
  1. Send a short video to your clients on their birthdays, perhaps offering them a discount or a free add-on service for the occasion
  1. Send holiday greeting videos to your clients or share them on social media, again maybe offering a discount or complimentary add-on to celebrate
  1. Share video offers of limited-time, “act now” discounts or specials to fill holes in your appointment schedule

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