When you’re running your own hair or beauty salon and serving clients, there’s enormous pressure on your schedule. Not only do you have to maximize your number of daily appointments to maximize your revenue—you also have to tend to the business side of things. And, on top of all that, you need to make sure you’re maintaining a healthy work-life balance.Salon Suites in Oviedo

The following time management tips for salon owners can help. It can be tricky at first to change your mindset and adopt better time management strategies—especially if you’re new to running your own salon—but hang in there. If you stick with them, it really doesn’t take too long for new practices to become habit.Salon Suites in Oviedo


Time Management at Hair and Beauty Salons

  1. It may be a cliché, but get into the mindset that “time is money.” Once you realize that you actually sell time—not haircuts—you’ll be more focused on smart time management.
  1. Eliminate small gaps in your schedule between appointments, or use them productively to do things you need to do as part of running your beauty business.
  1. Look over your appointment schedule and do the math to see how gaps affect your bottom line. For example, if you have an average of four 15-minute gaps per day and earn an average of $75 per hour, you’re losing $375 in revenue weekly; that’s $19,500 annually.
  1. Automate appointment booking and reminders, report generation, and other aspects of running your salon with software or an app designed for stylists and other beauty professionals.
  1. Maintain a prioritized to-do list that’s easily accessible so you always know what task to tackle when time arises. And just keep one list so you can always see the big picture; don’t have lists and notes all over the place, like on your phone, sticky notes, laptop, and the margins of an appointment book.
  1. Dedicate a little time at the start of each week to update your to-do list and to review and organize your schedule for the coming week.Salon Suites in Oviedo
  1. Don’t just plan out your days and weeks; keep a yearly calendar on hand to help plan out your month and your year.
  1. Take stock of the things that unnecessarily suck up your time, such as overly chatty clients or friends, perusing social media, etc. It’s easier said than done, but train yourself to be more assertive and disciplined to free up a significant amount of time you can put to better use.
  1. Our phones easily become a huge time-suck. Turn off notifications that aren’t necessary to work so they don’t divert your attention. Establish set times to check for work messages and don’t get on your phone outside of these times.Salon Suites in Oviedo
  1. Don’t get caught up in trying to multitask. While it may feel like you’re getting more done, most of us actually waste time switching between tasks and reorienting. Just focus on getting one thing done well and efficiently.
  1. Take proper breaks when you don’t do anything work-related, and preferably when you stay off all mobile and electronic devices. Letting your mind rest isn’t a waste of time; it’s an important way to refresh and keep up your ability to concentrate and be productive while working.Salon Suites in Oviedo

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