It’s a common misconception that men don’t give much thought to hairstyling and other beauty services, and that they aren’t willing to spend much money on them. They do, and they are, provided they see the value.

This misconception creates great opportunities for hair stylists, estheticians, and other beauty professionals. Because most salon owners don’t bother marketing to male customers, competition for their attention isn’t nearly as steep as with so many other target audiences. This is especially true when you’re advertising local services, as opposed to products.

Below are 12 tips for marketing a salon to men to help you tap more into this significant source of potential revenue.


How to Market a Beauty Business to Men


  1. Resist the urge to dismiss men as in-and-out haircuts. Talk to them about their wants and concerns and become their trusted adviser. Keep up with the latest in men’s style and grooming. This helps earn their loyalty, recommendations, and more frequent appointments.
  1. Create a dedicated men’s section on your menu of services. Go beyond the haircut and list a variety of grooming and other services. Make the menu available on your website and social media pages, and highly visible in your salon or studio.
  1. Stock men’s grooming, styling, hair care, and skincare products in your retail selection. This makes men feel more at home, and it of course provides opportunities to upsell products that will benefit them.
  1. Remember to include images of males and to make other posts that appeal directly to men in your beauty business’s social media marketing efforts.
  1. Use social media posts and/or digital ads to showcase different products and services that men might not even be aware are available to them. Remember to emphasize their benefits.
  1. Include some reading material of interest to men in your waiting area so they’ll feel more welcome and engaged, be more likely to return, and feel more comfortable sending their male friends to your salon or studio.
  1. Use male imagery as part of your salon décor for the same reasons.
  1. Maintain a separate email list for men and use it to send out a male-oriented newsletter and occasional promotions.
  1. Run promotions for men around holidays and events like Thanksgiving, Father’s Day, big sports games, etc. Offer discounts before their anniversary, emphasizing your ability to make them look their best for the special occasion.
  1. Be proactive about encouraging positive reviews of your salon or studio from your existing male clients (and the new ones you bring in), as these will resonate more with other men considering your services.
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask your male clients to tell their friends about you. After all, direct referrals are the best way to get new business, and men are much more likely to act on word-of-mouth that comes from their guy friends.
  1. Run Facebook ads for your beauty business targeting men, with images and copy designed to appeal specifically to them.

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