Hair stylists and other beauty, health, and wellness workers may be seeing fewer clients these days, but that certainly doesn’t mean they can’t still bring in a good living. Entrepreneurs in so many industries have been learning to pivot and adapt in these strange times, and with some creativity and persistence, they’re keeping their brands alive—and even thriving.

Below are some ways you can boost salon income during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s all about adjusting to this new reality and maximizing your earnings with each appointment.

Making More Money at Your Salon While Dealing with Coronavirus

  1. Charge a small PPE fee. This is a common practice right now in a number of industries. Your clients will understand that your costs have gone up, and that you’re spending more to help keep them safe, as well as yourself and your loved ones. A flat fee of a few dollars per client is reasonable, and will raise your profits a bit.
  1. Raise your prices. Again, clients know you’re not able to see as many of them in a day during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that this is done to promote social distancing and everyone’s safety. Just a small adjustment upwards can make a significant difference in your bottom line each month. Take a look at these tips for raising prices at your salon.
  1. Be strategic when booking appointments. Because you’re seeing fewer clients each day, it’s important to prioritize your most profitable services. Consider even cutting out services that don’t really make you any money, at least for the time being. Balance longer, more involved appointments with quicker, simpler ones.
  1. Look for opportunities to upsell. Focus on making more money from each individual client by upselling them additional services—particularly those that are quick or that don’t increase the total time of the appointment. For example, can you offer a client a shine treatment while her root color processes? Protein treatments with conditioner or color? Just don’t be pushy about it, and remember to show clients that you have their best interest in mind when suggesting add-ons.
  1. Make serious efforts to increase retail sales. Selling more retail products is an excellent way to considerably boost salon income. It can even let you earn from clients who aren’t yet comfortable coming in for an appointment. Check out these ideas for selling more retail products during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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