The entrepreneurial drive usually means you’re passionate about your work and prone to getting completely wrapped up in it. And there’s never any shortage of tasks needing your attention between clients when you run your own beauty or wellness business.

Being your own boss is amazing, but remember: one reason you wanted it was to have more control over your schedule, finances, and life. So, if you get too buried in work and neglect life outside the salon, you’re missing out on one of the great advantages to running the show.

Also, achieving work-life balance is essential to your long-term physical and mental health. No matter how much you love being a stylist, esthetician, cosmetologist, masseuse, or other beauty or wellness professional, there’s always a risk of burnout.

Neglecting your work-life balance eventually leaves you feeling stressed out and like you’re missing out. Over time, this affects the way you feel—often manifesting with physical symptoms like headaches or other aches—as well as your sleep, immune system, mood, and more.   

And when your business depends on your focus, well-being, and upbeat outlook, burnout can be a real detriment. So, use the following tips for achieving work-life balance to keep yourself running at full steam and to fully enjoy the entrepreneurs life!


How to Maintain Your Work-Life Balance


  • Start by figuring out what a healthy work-life balance means to you. Decide which people and activities you want to ensure get some of your time regularly. You can’t meet goals if you don’t know exactly what they are!
  • Schedule in breaks during the workday, leaving a few small slots open and a longer one for lunch without any client appointments. Don’t use this time to tend to any work tasks.
  • Pencil in you-time during the week, too. Spending time with friends and family is important, but don’t forget that everyone needs a little alone time now and then as well.
  • Write daily and weekly to-do lists and prioritize the items to help you get to everything you need to get to. This helps prevent you from losing personal time because you’re stuck trying to catch up on work or you suddenly remember something you have to do.
  • Don’t think of personal time as a good opportunity to do some extra work.
  • If too much of your outside-work time is consumed by running errands and other necessary tasks, consider taking on a personal assistant who’ll do your shopping and help out in other ways. Or, try out a grocery delivery service.
  • Make the effort to make definitive plans with your friends and family. It adds a little accountability to pull you away from work, and it keeps you from hanging around the salon or studio because you don’t have any other commitments.
  • Take part in regular scheduled events, activities, or social gatherings for the same reasons as above.
  • Keep an eye out for people or activities that suck up too much of your personal time without enough payoff. Practice saying “no” and get to what’s really important!
  • Check in with your family and friends to see how they think you’re doing with achieving work-life balance. They often have a much better perspective on it than you do.
  • Exercise and participate in a hobby daily, or as close to it as possible.
  • Get some meaningful volunteer time in! It helps you feel like you’re making a difference and does wonders for your mental health. If you can get a friend or family member to do it with you, it’s an even better way to make use of your free time.
  • Be careful about over-booking client appointments. Yes, that’s how you make your money, but it can make work too stressful and leave you feeling like you’re not living with a healthy work-life balance. Plus, your clients won’t appreciate having to wait.
  • Take occasional vacations, even if they’re just a day trip or weekend getaway.


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