Have you thought about using digital advertising to reach new clients for your salon, spa, tattoo parlor, or other beauty, health, or wellness business? You’ve probably heard it’s much more cost-effective than traditional offline forms of advertising. And this is true. But if you don’t have experience with digital advertising, it can seem a little daunting.

Facebook ads are a great way to start. Everybody’s on Facebook (plus, ads also run on Instagram), and well-targeted ads can perform very well. Also, it’s more affordable than advertising with Google AdWords and most other social media sites. You can start experimenting and even achieve good results without spending much money at all—even just a few dollars per day.

We’ll walk you through the process of getting started with Facebook ads to get new clients for your hair styling, esthetician, massage, tattoo, personal shopper, or other business. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a worthwhile addition to organically marketing yourself on social media.


An Introduction to Facebook Advertising

  • Begin by creating a business page for your beauty, wellness, or health brand if you don’t already have one; you need one to run ads
  • Click “Manage Ads” in the drop-down menu under the upside-down triangle at the top of your Facebook page
  • Select your name as the account and you’ll be taken to the “Campaigns” tab in the Ads Manager; click “Create”
  • Choose your marketing objective; you probably want “Traffic,” which you’ll direct to your website or a page where people can contact you or schedule an appointment
  • Give your campaign a name, then click on it to be taken to the Ad Sets tab and click “Create” again
  • Name this ad set; “Website” will be selected as the default location you want to send traffic to
  • Scroll down to the Audience box, where you’ll start making decisions about whom to target
  • Use the Locations field to target people in the target area for your business; you can target anyone in this area or just people who live there using the drop-down menu at the top of the Locations field (you probably want to go with people who live there)
  • Choose the age range of people you want to target and whether you want your ad shown to only men, only women, or both (consider creating separate ads for men and women if you provide services to both so you can show them more relevant images/messages)
  • Enter the languages spoken that you want to target as well (this is a great opportunity if you offer bilingual service)
  • Proceed to the Detailed Targeting box, where you enter interests, demographic information, and/or behavioral information you want to target
  • Think about what your clients like (e.g., particular products, magazines, stores, alternative therapies, etc.) and enter them if they’re available for targeting; keep an eye on the Potential Reach in the Audience Size tool to the side as you input interests to ensure you’ll be reaching people in your geographic area and age range
  • Go to the Budget & Schedule field and choose how much you want to spend, either on a daily basis or within a defined duration for your ad campaign; the more you spend, the more people you reach, but consider starting out at $5 per day while you learn the process and experiment with targeting (always allow an ad to run for at least 24 hours before making changes, though, as it takes Facebook a little time to optimize its ad delivery)
  • Click “Continue” and it’s time to create your ad
  • Single-image ads are a good way to start; preferably, use a high-quality, engaging image of your work, your studio space, or something else associated with your brand
  • Enter a message of 90 characters or less in the Text field that communicates the benefit of clicking your link or booking an appointment with you
  • Add the URL where you want to send people who click on your ad
  • Write a bit more in the Headline field (40 characters or less) to help compel people to click
  • Choose a logical call to action button from the drop-down menu, such as “Book Now” if you’re taking people to a page where they can schedule an appointment
  • Click “Review,” then “Save Draft,” and then “Publish” after you’ve looked everything over, checked for typos, etc.
  • Ads typically take anywhere from about 30 minutes to a few hours to be approved and start running
  • After the ad’s been running for about an hour or two, you’ll see performance data under the Ad Sets tab; you’ll see how many people have clicked the call to action and how much it’s costing you per click
  • Hover over the Ad Set name and select “View Charts,” then click “Demographics” to see who’s responding to your ad by age and gender; if, after 24 hours, you can see that one targeted gender or age range is not being reached or not clicking, you can edit your targeting to exclude them and focus your money where it’s paying off
  • Keep in mind that while click-throughs on your ads are great, ultimately those clicks need to result in booked appointments for your expenditure to be worthwhile

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