Instagram is undeniably one of the most important sites for marketing a salon or studio on social media. If you’re not using it to build your personal brand and your customer base, you’re missing out on a fun, effective opportunity. Of course, successful social media marketing requires building your Instagram following with people who are genuinely interested in what you’re sharing.

Below are some tips for building your Instagram following for hair stylists and other beauty workers (though many are generally applicable to other fields). They help you connect with the right people—those who are most likely to become clients or who may help amplify your content, account, and brand.


Ways of Building Your Instagram Following

  • First, for a very basic but important detail, make sure your profile is set to “Public.”
  • Also, turn on notifications so you know when people engage with your posts. Engage back!
  • Fill out your bio completely, including your name and salon or studio name, location, specialties, contact information (website, phone number, and email address), and a call to action (usually a link to schedule an appointment).
  • If your account is new, get at least 10 to 20 quality posts up before you start publicizing your page and following and engaging with other accounts. You want people to see that your page is worth following when they check it out.
  • Remember to ask everyone you know to follow you!
  • Put a link to your Instagram account on your website, in your email signature, on your other social profiles, and anywhere else. Put the logo and your user name on your business cards and on a sign in your salon or studio that invites clients to follow you.
  • Follow the accounts of others in your industry (including influencers) and relevant brands.
  • Show your personality! You may be building your Instagram following for business purposes, but that doesn’t mean your posts should be boring and business-like! Lots of people do hair; Instagram users and clients connect most meaningfully with the person!
  • Share high-quality images of your work. Before-and-after shots are always popular.
  • Think carefully about which clients you showcase on your Instagram account. Remarkable transformations make for great content!
  • Keep a few photo tools on hand in your salon or studio, such as a portable light and a pop-up backdrop so you’re always ready to capture some glamorous shots of your work.
  • Indirect natural light is your friend when taking pictures of hair.
  • Remember: People want to follow accounts that provide them with value (information, entertainment, etc.); they don’t just want to see constant self-promotion.
  • Write captions for every post, but don’t just phone them in! Be witty, be fun, be interesting, be engaging!
  • Use three to five hashtags with every post. Trending hashtags can help you get much more attention, but only use them when they’re relevant to the post.
  • Regularly leave thoughtful comments on and share posts of other accounts you follow.
  • Tag the product brands you love and use! This will help get you noticed, and possibly get your posts shared by those brands, and it may even open up opportunities for sponsored posts after you’ve been successfully building your Instagram following for a while.

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