Affiliate programs for licensed cosmetologists offer opportunities to boost your income by recommending style products to your clients and social media connections via referral links and online stores. If you’ve built an email list and/or social media following for your personal brand and salon, you have a ready-made platform on which to sell products you believe in and earn a commission on each sale.

Earning more money is always a good thing, of course, but these days, most beauty professionals have taken a financial hit due to the pandemic. Affiliate programs for licensed cosmetologists are a potentially lucrative supplemental revenue source in addition to finding ways to raise your income in the salon during these challenging times.

The earning potential will long outlast the pandemic, though, so this is a great time to start learning about a revenue strategy you can use for a long time to come. It’s worth noting that a number of the affiliate programs for licensed cosmetologists listed below have temporarily increased their commission rates to provide extra assistance to stylists during the pandemic. That’s generous, but pay attention to these details so you know to expect lower payouts at some point in the future should you sign up for any program that’s doing this.


Affiliate Programs for Beauty Workers

  • Verb Friends – Licensed cosmetologists earn a 35% commission on Verb product sales, and payouts are made twice monthly via PayPal.
  • TIGI Insider – This program pays a 25% commission on all TIGI Copyright hairdressing products you sell.
  • IGK Brand Affiliate – Get a 15% commission on IGK hair product sales if you’re active on Instagram and have at least 1,000 followers there.
  • Celeb Pro – Hairdressers are paid a 35% commission on all sales of Celeb Luxury hairstyling products.
  • Jack Winn Pro – Get up to a 50% commission on all sales made through a complimentary store provided to you when you become an associate.

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