Businesses are starting to reopen after the initial lockdown phase of the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, the threat isn’t gone, as we still haven’t developed a vaccine, “herd immunity,” or effective treatments for those severely affected by COVID-19. Still, we have to return to living—and earning a living—at some point, getting back to “normal,” even though it’s a new and unfamiliar normal.

Right now, entrepreneurs and employees in the beauty, health, and wellness industries (and so many others) are hurting due to the extended loss of income. While they’re reopening their businesses, they’re still faced with the fact that many people simply aren’t comfortable yet going places for elective services—especially those that put them in close contact with others.

It should be emphasized that people who are in high-risk categories or who live with someone at high risk of COVID-19 complications still shouldn’t be going out unnecessarily right now. But for others who are just generally hesitant, it can be helpful for business owners to explain all that they’re doing to ensure the safety of their patrons. Our “new normal” is one where everyone has to take precautions, and it’s important to communicate what you’re doing to your clients so they’ll feel relatively safe returning to your place of business.

So, here are some pointers for helping clients feel more comfortable coming in for an appointment at your salon, studio, or spa. The more you build their confidence in your ability to minimize their risk, the more bookings you’ll get.


Tips for Communicating with Clients About Your COVID-19 Precautions

  • Most clients have no idea how many rules and regulations there are pertaining to hygiene and infection prevention in places like hair salons. Let them know about it, and that you were already an expert in infection prevention, taking numerous precautions, before anyone ever heard of the coronavirus.
  • Also, inform clients about the training and continuing education you’re required to go through to get and maintain your license.
  • Tell your clients that you’re limiting and spacing appointments to prevent having multiple people hanging around at the same time in your salon or studio.
  • Point out that your private Porte Noire space has a considerably lower risk than a larger salon or studio with more employees and customers.
  • Also explain that you’re much more easily able to maintain a clean, controlled environment than larger, busier places of business your clients are already going, like grocery stores and drug stores.

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