There really isn’t any better way to get more clients for your styling, esthetician, massage, tattoo, or other beauty or wellness business than referrals and word-of-mouth marketing from existing clients. And the reason is simple: People are far more trusting of firsthand, unbiased, unsponsored recommendations than they are of any paid promotion.

Today, positive reviews and high ratings on web platforms are the farthest-reaching, most useful form of word-of-mouth marketing and social proof. The overwhelming majority of beauty and wellness consumers do a little online research before choosing a new stylist or other cosmetics or care professional. This invariably includes checking out some reviews.

If you can get more good reviews from your current and former clients, it will undoubtedly bring in new business. But don’t just sit back and hope for the best; be proactive about encouraging positive public feedback.

Of course, everything starts with providing exceptional service and delighting your clients. If you don’t do that, they’re unlikely to ever feel compelled to speak up on your behalf. Assuming you’re taking care of that part, here’s some advice about how to get more good reviews for your beauty or wellness business.

Establish Places to Get More Good Reviews and Ratings

It goes without saying—but we’ll say it anyway—that clients can only leave you positive reviews and high ratings if there are places for them to do so. The more platforms available to them, the greater the chances there’s at least one that they use. And the more potential new clients they’ll reach.

If you have a website for your brand, create a page for client reviews or testimonials. Set up or claim your business pages on general sites that publish user reviews, like Yelp, Google (create a Google My Business page if you haven’t already), and the Better Business Bureau.

Most social media networks host user reviews or ratings, too. Have a few accounts that you use regularly to engage with your existing and potential clients. If you sell beauty or wellness products on Amazon or another site that publishes user feedback, maintain a complete business page and profile.

Encourage More Good Reviews for Your Beauty or Wellness Brand

Again, the key is to be proactive and ask—directly and through the power of suggestion—for your clients to leave you positive public feedback.


  • Ask your happy and loyal clients at the conclusion of an appointment to leave you a good review if they’re so inclined, and let them know where they can do so
  • Make a polite request for a review or recommendation at the end of your emails to clients, tacking on a few links to places where they can leave one
  • Include calls-to-action on your website that prompt users to leave you a review
  • Keep your website review process fast and simple; don’t make people create an account, fill out too many fields on a form, or otherwise jump through hoops to leave a comment
  • Put links to your social media accounts and business pages on your website, in your email signature, and anywhere else you can place them
  • Offer an incentive like a free add-on service, a product giveaway, or a discounted appointment or session to clients who leave you a positive review
  • Suggest in person or with a sign in your studio that clients check in on Facebook, which will trigger a request for them to recommend or review your business
  • Share the positive reviews you receive via your social media accounts; it’s good PR and it can prompt the thought for others to write you one
  • Leave a personal response to all the reviews, recommendations, or testimonials you get, as people are more likely to leave them when they see the business is paying attention
  • If you have opportunities to review any of your clients’ businesses, do so, and they’re likely to reciprocate

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