We’re all doing our best to maintain as much interaction as possible in these trying times of closed businesses, social distancing, and quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. While we do our best to keep in touch with family and friends, it’s also important not to lose sight of our professional relationships. And that means you need to find ways to stay connected to your clients while you can’t see them and serve them in person.

Running a successful small business is all about building, maintaining, and deepening relationships, after all. People are extra eager to make stronger connections with each other right now, as we share the experience of witnessing a time of stress and disaster unlike any we’ve ever seen.

So, to help ensure that you’ll be able to bounce back in a big way when you return to your salon, studio, or spa, take the time and make the effort to stay connected to your clients during quarantine. Below are a few simple ways to do so. Also, check out our post with some ideas for coping with loss of income during the outbreak.


Ways to Stay Connected to Your Clients While Your Business Is Closed

  • Send out a positive email just to let your clients know how much you appreciate them, that you miss them, and that you hope they’re staying safe and healthy.
  • Or, if you have any of your clients’ home addresses, get more personal by going old-school and mailing out some actual handwritten notes!
  • Call or text individual clients directly—particularly those you’ve known a long time or are close with—to check in on them. Ask how they and their families are doing, and if they need anything.
  • Set up a virtual happy hour with your clients.
  • Share accurate content that helps your clients look and feel their best during quarantine on your social media accounts. It can be curated from reliable sources, or write your own content or shoot your own instructive videos.
  • Post plenty of positivity and inspirational content on your social media pages too. Everyone needs and appreciates some uplifting messages these days!
  • Share messages of support for other local businesses on social media, too. Spread the word about your favorite local restaurants offering the best curbside pickup, for example. Local businesses all need to support each other, and this is a great way to strengthen your community and stay connected to your clients by celebrating it!

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