Beauty, health, and wellness entrepreneurs are finally getting back to work in some states! While there are effective ways to help clients feel more comfortable coming in, schedules still may not be filling up yet, and appointments should be a bit more spread out than usual to promote social distancing. So, focusing on increasing retail sales is a great strategy to bring in more revenue to offset a lighter appointment book!

Increasing retail sales offers two big benefits: It boosts your profits from individual clients without adding much time to their service, and it can also help you earn some money from clients who aren’t yet comfortable coming in for service. As an added bonus, it helps you maintain communication and your relationship with the latter group, which is an important part of keeping your brand strong during this period of separation.

Below are some pointers for increasing retail sales to help your beauty, health, or wellness business succeed during these difficult times of the coronavirus outbreak.


Ideas for Increasing Retail Sales at a Salon, Studio, or Spa

  • Talk up products you believe will benefit each client during your appointments. If you have products that offer advantages specific to the current situation, focus on that. For example, if you have any for relaxation or stress relief, people are more likely to gravitate towards that these days. Or, if you have nourishing products that help clients look and feel their best while they forgo some of the normal treatments and activities they would normally get when they weren’t limiting their exposure to the outside world, that’s likely to be appealing as well.
  • Focus on how products will benefit the client, and be specific, conversational, and honest; avoid a hard sell or setting unrealistic expectations. Clients want to know you have their best interest in mind, and don’t want to feel like you’re just trying to sell them stuff.
  • Create special deals, like a buy-one-get-one-half-off sale, for some of your more profitable retail products.
  • Send out information and special offers on retail products to your mailing list, and post about it on your social media pages.
  • Offer a curbside pickup option on retail products for high-risk clients and others who still prefer not to go inside your salon, studio, or spa. You could also consider offering delivery within a certain distance and for a specific minimum order total.
  • Make gift baskets out of your retail offerings. This lets you sell multiple items at once, while also charging more for the materials and assembly labor. These could be oriented toward self-care for these stressful times, and advertised as a great gift. Consider offering delivery and even shipping for an extra fee. Promote the gift baskets via your mailing list and social media accounts, and display an example or two in your salon, spa, or studio.
  • Offer a small discount on the client’s next appointment with a certain minimum retail purchase at their current appointment.
  • Keep your retail area clean, organized, uncluttered, and well lit. Have a bottle of hand sanitizer right there to promote hygiene and make clients feel more comfortable checking out the products.
  • Regularly review your sales numbers. Get rid of products that take up valuable shelf space but just aren’t selling—no matter how much you personally may love them.

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