Yes, you should be making hairstyling video tutorials and sharing them on your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media pages! This is just one of many ways to use video to market your beauty biz, and it’s a powerful one!

Reasons for Making Hairstyling Video Tutorials

There are plenty of compelling reasons to share simple video tutorials with your following on your social media accounts. For example, they:

  • Help build your personal brand awareness and authority
  • Are share-worthy when they’re well done, so they’re likely to reach potential new clients outside your immediate circle and help build your following
  • Keep you connected to clients outside the salon and strengthen your relationships with them
  • Contribute to maintaining dynamic, active, engaging social media accounts
  • Demonstrate that you’re generous, caring, and committed to your career and clients

Tips for Making Hairstyling Video Tutorials

Here are some simple ways to help ensure that your video tutorials are practical, useful, and of good enough quality:

  • Consider whether you’re teaching a technique that’s easy enough for untrained people to perform on themselves at home.
  • Shoot the video in ample natural light.
  • If you don’t have someone to record the video for you, use a tripod or something to prop up your phone; double check that it’s aimed and angled properly.
  • Have all your supplies on hand before you start shooting the video.
  • Take a minute at the start of the tutorial to show the audience all of the tools and products you’ll be using; list them in the video caption, too.
  • Visually demonstrate everything on a mannequin, assistant, or yourself.
  • Break the process down into simple, numbered steps; list them (at least a headline representing each one) in the video caption as well.
  • Clearly explain how to properly use or apply each tool and product involved in the process; remember, you have to assume some people in your audience have never used them before.
  • Proceed slowly and repeat key instructions, tips, and ideas.
  • Encourage your audience to ask questions in the comments, and be responsive and thorough.

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