The last few months have been stressful to most of us in unfamiliar ways. We’re now at a point where we’re trying to get the economy going again to restore people’s income. Businesses like salons, studios, and spas have been given the green light to reopen here in Florida, and now we’re all figuring out the best way forward in a new reality. And part of that reality is managing COVID-19 stress as an entrepreneur.

As we make the best of this situation, it’s only natural that we’ll still be worried about it, and about protecting our health, and that of our family and clients. Fortunately, researchers are finally getting a pretty good handle on how the coronavirus is transmitted and starting to understand the best preventive measures. Staying informed and remaining vigilant about safety procedures is essential not only to keeping everyone healthy, but also to keeping our own anxiety in check.

Beyond that, be proactive about managing COVID-19 stress. Self-care is always important, but these days it helps to be a little more attuned to it. So, take a look at the advice below and let’s all move forward together as positively as possible!


Tips for Managing COVID-19 Stress

  • Review these tips for getting back to work to help you stay positive and confident in this somewhat scary new environment with all sorts of new workplace challenges. They’ll help reduce some of the worry that compounds your stress.
  • Limit how much coronavirus-related news you consume on a daily basis. While it’s essential to stay informed about what’s going on, getting too bogged down will generate lots of negative emotions, including stress and anxiety.
  • Stay in touch with friends and family. It’s been a lot harder lately, and now that you’re back at work, you don’t have all that free time you had while in quarantine. Still, it’s important to keep texting, video chatting, talking on the phone, and otherwise staying in contact with the people you love. We’re still more cut off from each other than normal, and we still need to find regular relief from that fact.
  • Check out this story about two infected hairstylists in Missouri. The pair, who work at a salon in Kansas City, served about 140 clients between them while unknowingly infected with COVID-19. And none of their clients tested positive. Experts attribute this primarily to their vigilant use of face masks, and making sure their clients wore masks as well. This is highly reassuring, and should help ease some of your stress about catching and transmitting the coronavirus in the course of working. Wear those masks, and make your clients wear them too!
  • Don’t argue with people about the pandemic and behaviors related to it. If you have friends or family who are being less cautious than you, don’t get sucked into arguments about what anyone should or shouldn’t be doing, and don’t let them pressure you into doing things you aren’t comfortable doing yet. On the flip side, be respectful of those who are maintaining stricter social distancing and other restrictions. Fighting over these sorts of things will only stress everyone out more.

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