We probably don’t need to tell you, but competition among salons is steep. Not every gifted stylist or other beauty professional is also a naturally talented or experienced marketer. But once you embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and are running your own beauty business, it’s up to you to fill your days with filled seats.

While word-of-mouth referrals are a must-have in this industry, and while there are plenty of brilliant ways to market a salon offline, marketing a salon on social media is a relatively affordable, efficient, and effective way to attract new clients online. It also helps keep you fresh in your current clients’ minds, and can even reconnect you with former clients.

Use the following tips for marketing a salon on social media to reach a larger, targeted audience—and for inspiration as you develop your own social media style and strategies!


Social Media Marketing Tips for Salons


  1. Choose one or two social media networks that you’ll use regularly and actively, rather than trying to be everywhere and not using any site really well
  2. Stylists, cosmetologists, estheticians, and other beauty professionals should consider Instagram and Facebook for promoting a beauty business
  3. Instagram is a great visually driven social media site for showing off hairstyles, makeup applications, and more
  4. Facebook is also good for sharing images, as well as video, and it’s a highly interactive site for actively engaging with your clients and audience
  5. Use high-quality headshot images to inspire your clients and potential clients; mix up curated images and original photos
  6. How about making a video or using Facebook Live to show off your skills as you use them? Or for giving a quick tour of your awesome studio space?
  7. Make a video introducing yourself and showcasing your services for posting on social media
  8. Create a “selfie station” in your salon; encourage clients to take before-and-after shots and share them on their social media accounts, and ask permission to share from yours, too
  9. Offer your clients a small discount at their next appointment if they share a selfie showing off your work on social media and tag your salon’s account
  10. Capitalize on real-time marketing’s power by offering occasional daily deals, “flash sales,” or other temporary specials via social media—especially on days when you’re light on appointments
  11. Run geotargeted digital ads on Facebook and other social media sites; there’s a lot of targeting capability, and it can be done relatively cheaply, especially compared to other platforms like Google AdWords
  12. Ask your clients to rate, review, and recommend you on social media pages

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