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Winter Park East

Jasmin Stephens

Specialties: Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Post Surgical Lymphatic Drainage

LymphWoRx was created by Jasmin, an occupational therapist who is certified in lymphedema therapy.  This business was created with every woman in mind, merging medical with aesthetics.  LymphWoRx specializes in manual lymphatic drainage for post surgical, health and wellness benefits including detoxification of the body and Brazilian lymphatic drainage is incorporated to detox and sculpt the body.  Jasmin works with each individual client to create a treatment plan for their specific needs.  This is your body’s Rx for all your lymphatic needs.

Treatments Offered:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Post Surgical Drainage, Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage.

Hours of Business:

By appointment only.

Contact Information:

Phone: (407) 766-2846

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