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M Salon 1

Micheline Barber

Specialties: Custom Cuts, Color, Natural Hair 

“At M Salon 1, we believe that diversity is the key. So, we specialize in working with a wide variety of customers and offering a long list of upscale hair and beauty services. Dreadlock maintenance, acid perms, texturizers, semi gloss, and coloring are just a few of our specialties. Newcomers should also know that we’re industry experts, who regularly work with models, musicians, and designers. Because of those experiences, we’re able to take our clients to the next level of style and grace.” -Micheline Barber, M Salon 1 Design Team Leader

Mom.  Mentor.  Mogul.  Offering show-stopping custom cuts, color, natural hair, and smoothing treatments.  Micheline’s mantra is:  “Mpact the mind of millions, one at a time!”.  With that message in her heart, this journey has taken her many places:   A perennial mainstay at Bronners Brothers International Hairshow, Premier Orlando, and many other prestigious Hair and Beauty expos;  Winner of the Steve Harvey Hoodie Award 3 years in a row; Featured on the Bravo reality TV show “Split Ends”; Owner of M Salon 1; And her latest creation…MPulse Summit Education Expo.  Her actions have always pointed towards her mantra.

“I believe that at this time, more than ever, it is important that we remain true to what our purpose is in life.  I cannot say that I envisioned my life taking me to all the places that I have been, but it is not a surprise.  I truly believe when you are humble, work extremely hard on your craft, and give yourself to others, the doorway to your success will remain open and the path will be laid before you.  Looking over all the things you have accomplished have you ever asked yourself how and why?  Have you ever stopped yourself from being the best you could be but God kept pushing you to greatness?  Then look over your shoulder and say but God!”  -Micheline Barber, M Salon 1 Design Team Leader

Treatments Offered:

Custom Cuts, Color, Natural Hair, Smoothing Treatments.

Hours of Business:

By appointment only.

Contact Information:

Phone: (813) 932-0088

Email: msalon1@yahoo.com

Website: www.msalonone.com

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