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Antonina’s Skin Care

Nina Domínguez

Specialties: Skin Care , Body Wrap , Micropigmentacion

Nina Domínguez has born in Venezuela. She is a health professional who graduated from the University of Carabobo where she received her degree as a Dentist. When she came to the United States, she continued in the health industry studying Full Specialist. Nina is very satisfying working and seeing her clients happy. She loves being up to date and be the forefront of techniques and improvement of the skin and body.

Treatments Offered:

Facial according to your need; moisturizing, deep, relaxing. Microneedles; treatment to decrease acne scar, collagen, vitamins. Dermaplaning; Ear Candling; Teeth whitening, Fibroblast; eyelids, dark circles, forehead, nasogenian, abdomen, Laser hair removal (armpit, chest, back, full face).

Hours of Business:

Preferably by appointment.

Contact Information:

Phone: (623) 414-6198

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Email: antoninaskincare@gmail.com

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