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Aesthetic Services by Patty Bonner, LLC.

Patty Bonner

Specialties: Facial Specialist, Anti-Aging, Dermaplaning

Licensed Medical Aesthetician

920 International Parkway, Suite 1040, Studio #13, Heathrow, Florida 32746

Patty received her A.S. advanced paramedical skin care training at Steiner’s Florida College of Natural Health. As a licensed paramedical aesthetician since 2008, she has received hands on training with advanced modalities; medical grade peels and advanced peel-layering techniques. Patty has also studied anatomy, physiology and nutrition to better assist her clients in pinpointing the cause and correction of skin concerns. She has gained in-depth knowledge of skin care product ingredients and acids used in chemical peels. Through this extensive knowledge, she is able to fully understand the transformation of skin cells in order to determine the best facial treatment for your skin. Patty is dedicated to helping others feel their best by mentoring and encouraging them to look their best through professional skin treatments and at-home care education. 

Patty primarily treats hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne, unwanted hair, and early signs of aging with a blend of medical-grade and organic therapies. Also, she recently purchased the Skin Classic Machine which is high frequency (radio frequency) technology to treat broken capillaries, sebaceous hyperplasia, sun spots, fibromas, acne cysts, skin tags, etc.

She is certified, highly trained and experienced in performing dermaplaning which is a very efficient, safe treatment that all skin types and colors can benefit from. The physical exfoliation procedure is performed using a #10 sterile surgical blade. It’s an alternative hair removal technique, as well as an alternative to microdermabrasion. Dermaplaning is a quick, non-surgical painless procedure with virtually no downtime.

Patty is an IMAGE Skincare trained professional and uses IMAGE Skincare exclusively in her practice. IMAGE Skincare is a cosmeceutical skincare line which utilizes the most scientifically advanced formulas to create pharmaceutical grade skincare products. 

Contact Information:

Phone: (407) 466-1709

Email: Pattybonner@gmail.com