Creating a loyalty program for your hair salon or other type of beauty, health, or wellness studio is a powerful way to increase your income. But it takes some planning to design a customer loyalty program that not only do your clients sign up for, but one that actually prompts them to spend more money with you. After all, how many times have you joined one of these plans and just forgotten all about it?

So, here are some pointers for creating a loyalty program that your clients appreciate and that successfully boosts your earnings.

Creating a Loyalty Program that Works

  • Decide what your main goal is for the customer loyalty program. For example, do you want to increase the frequency of clients’ appointments, raise their average spend per visit, boost retail product sales, or accomplish something else? This gives you direction for creating a loyalty program that succeeds.
  • Figure out whether you want to offer the program to all your clients, or if you want to reserve it for certain people—such as your most regular or most profitable clients. This provides further direction for designing the plan and for how to promote it.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your regulars about what they would like to get out of a customer loyalty program for your business.
  • Tailor the rewards thoughtfully so that they offer real value to the members.
  • Make sure you carefully do the math regarding the additional income your program will bring in and what it will cost you.
  • Keep it simple, easy to understand, and easy for clients to track their progress towards rewards (straightforward point systems work well).
  • It’s generally more effective to offer smaller rewards more frequently than a big reward that’s far off.
  • Build in extras besides the main program reward that contribute to a sense of exclusivity for members. For example, you might throw an annual holiday party and/or appreciation party just for them.
  • Offer an immediate incentive at the time of sign-up as a thanks for joining the program.
  • Create attractive signage about the program for your studio, and promote it on social media (assuming you’re offering it to all clients).
  • Regularly solicit feedback from members about what they like about your customer loyalty program and what sort of changes they would appreciate. You can even offer some reward points as an incentive for getting responses.
  • Add a customer referral incentive to your reward program to encourage your regulars to send you new business.

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