These are crazy times. Now that salons, spas, and other beauty, health, and wellness businesses are starting to reopen, that helps ease the stress associated with the total loss of income of the mandatory coronavirus pandemic lockdown. Still, many clients aren’t ready to return to all these services yet, so it can be expected that business will still be on the slow side for many entrepreneurs. On top of that, there’s the stress of worrying about you and your family’s health, and the health of all your clients as we increase our interactions.

So, here are some tips for getting back to work while maintaining your confidence and positivity, and that can help keep your stress levels in check.


Tips for Getting Back to Work During the COVID-19 Outbreak

  • Get refocused on being an entrepreneur. Set some realistic short-term and long-term goals for this new reality.
  • Be ready to explain to each client individually all the measures you’re taking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus at your salon, studio, or spa. And be proactive! Don’t wait for them to ask.
  • Take the free Barbicide COVID-19 Certification Course so you’ll feel better prepared to navigate this new threat. Be sure to let all your clients know that you’ve completed it to make them more comfortable and to show your dedication to their health and safety!
  • Reevaluate your pricing. As mentioned, business is likely to remain slow for at least the next few months, and you should be putting more space between appointments to avoid having multiple clients inside at the same time.
  • Consider special offers. They’ll be helpful getting hesitant clients through the door, as long as you pair them with specific information about what you’re doing to keep everyone safe and healthy. But don’t be pushy; some people simply aren’t ready to return to the salon, studio, or spa yet (especially those in higher-risk groups or who have higher-risk family members), and this is perfectly reasonable and something to be respectful of.
  • Remember to take a little time each day to practice gratitude. It’s so important to staying positive and mentally fit.

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