Getting through the COVID-19 outbreak as a salon owner is already a stressful challenge, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. In some places, salons, studios, and spas have been shut down by government mandate. Even if you’re allowed to be open still, it’s risky to keep your doors open and continue coming into close contact with clients. And even if you and your clients take all the right precautions, you’re no doubt seeing a significant decrease in appointments as more people shelter at home and forgo unnecessary trips out into public.

The pandemic is having a major negative effect on so many businesses and industries, and the beauty and wellness industries are certainly no exception. We’d like to offer a few ideas for getting through the COVID-19 outbreak as a salon owner facing a drastic loss of income.

Please stay safe and healthy, everyone!


Dealing with Loss of Income During the COVID-19 Outbreak

  • Encourage your clients to purchase gift cards through your mailing list and social media pages. Explain that it’s a great way for them to help you through this tough time. Consider incentivizing gift card sales with a small discount of 5 or 10%.
  • Advertise your retail products through your mailing list and social media accounts. Offer curbside pickup so your clients don’t even have to come in. A small discount can help you move more retail products, too.
  • Create “quarantine care packages” or something similar, making up gift baskets from your retail products. Promote them via email and social media. Include some items for pampering and de-stressing, which should help sell the packages. Offer curbside pickup and maybe even home delivery.
  • Offer video consultation or tutorial appointments pertaining to your beauty or wellness areas of expertise for a reasonable fee.
  • Take some free online business courses for entrepreneurs or find other free courses online for professional development (there are so many being offered right now to help people in this time of sheltering in place, including a lot that usually require payment).
  • Look thoroughly through your bank and credit card statements to identify unnecessary expenses you can shave off. For example, do you pay for any monthly subscriptions that you don’t really use and may have even forgotten about?
  • Apply for the PBA COVID-19 Relief Fund, a one-time $500 grant being offered by the Professional Beauty Association to licensed beauty professionals who need emergency aid due to the outbreak.

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