An important part of being a successful stylist is providing your clients with scientifically sound tips for healthy hair. They look to you to be their trusted adviser about how to keep their hair looking its best. If you demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about and provide results, you’ll earn loyal fans who keep coming back and who refer other people to you.

Below are some tips for healthy hair that can benefit anyone, and that you should regularly share with your clients.


How to Promote Healthy Hair and Scalp

  • Only wash your hair when you need to, as frequent washing dries out and damages the hair and scalp; stick to lukewarm water too, as hot water is also drying
  • Use a mild, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
  • In addition to its better-known benefits, conditioner is also important for protection against heat damage that can occur from blow-drying or using a flatiron
  • Minimize heat exposure from hair styling devices
  • Use a clarifying shampoo once monthly
  • Apply hair styling products as infrequently and minimally as possible
  • When detangling hair, be gentle, and start at the ends of the hair and work your way to the roots
  • Regular scalp massages promote better circulation and help distribute the skin’s naturally occurring hydrating oils
  • Protect your hair and scalp from the sun, other elements, and dirt with a hat or scarf
  • Don’t use tight hair ties, which pull hair and can lead to damage and breaks; use looser scrunchies with soft cloth coverings
  • Refrain from sleeping with tight braids in; overnight braids are fine (even for air-drying damp hair), but keep them loose to avoid damage
  • Sleep on satin pillowcases, as cotton and other materials with a rougher texture cause friction, damage, and breaks
  • Don’t tease your hair
  • Regular trims are the way to deal with split ends

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