There are plenty of ways to market your salon on social media, and sharing photos of your work is a big part of it. Of course, your pics need to showcase your handiwork in its best light—literally and figuratively! They should wow your followers by looking professional and highlighting your talent. And we have some tips for photographing hair that will help you pull it off. salon studios in Oviedo

You don’t have to be a pro photographer—or hire one—to snap some amazing pics of your clients’ hairstyles. Just stick to some best practices, and you’re sure to end up with share-worthy images for your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media accounts.

So, pay attention to these tips for photographing hair for social media marketing purposes. They’ll help you build up a library of visual content that increases your following and engagement, boosts your personal brand and your salon’s, lets you inspire more visits and greater spend from your existing clients, and extends your digital reach to potential new clients.


Taking Great Hair Pictures for Social Media Marketing

  • Take before and after pictures—not just photos of the completed work. These allow you to showcase more than a look; they let you show off transformations. That’s much more powerful.
  • Keep the previous tip in mind when choosing which clients to photograph; select the ones who will depict a major difference in the before and after shots.
  • Reserve an extra 15 minutes or so for any appointment you intend to shoot. You don’t want to be rushed; this is basically your professional portfolio, so give it the time and attention it deserves. You also don’t want your next client getting annoyed that you’re running late and not even doing hair.
  • Photograph hair in abundant natural light. If you don’t get enough in your salon, do your photo shoot outside.
  • Avoid mess, clutter, or other visual distractions in the background of your hair pics. You don’t want anything diverting the eye from the hair. Tidy up if you’re shooting in your salon, and be mindful of what’s behind your model when shooting outdoors.
  • Make sure the hair is perfectly styled. Smooth it out and deal with any fly-aways.
  • Don’t be afraid to pose your client and provide some direction. You want shots that look natural but that also capture the hair and the model at the most flattering angles.
  • Spend plenty of time looking at professional hair pics online and in magazines. This helps develop your eye for poses, lighting, and other aspects of effective hair photography.
  • Be intentional about the composition of your photos. Pay attention to the picture as a whole, and make sure it’s visually appealing. Don’t cut off part of your model’s face, for example, and make sure there’s empty space framing the hair.
  • Take lots of photos during your shoot—at least a few dozen, if not more. Take them from different angles and distances, with your model in different poses. This increases the chances that you’ll end up with multiple share-worthy shots.
  • Use a modern phone with a high-quality camera, or get yourself a decent digital camera. Don’t be afraid to invest if you need to; this is probably the most important tool for marketing yourself! salon studios in Oviedo

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